Since the beginning of February, 2010, I've been putting together a new website which will allow producers and live performers to buy and sell elements of studio productions and live shows with the same ease that online MP3 stores allow DJs to buy tracks to play out.

The site, called, is going to allow users to sell their own Scratchpacks which will contain between 20 and 40 audio samples in Ableton Live Session windows. I'm really curious to see what the response to this idea is online because I've received a wide variety of answers from friends around town -- ranging from "great idea!" to "it's going to encourage a lot of boring live shows using the same material"

I'm actually optimistic that it will benefit the state of live electronic music performances across the board, especially because a performer can be a lot more creative with a collection of individual sounds, when compared to the live re-mix capacity of a DJ, but we're going to have to find out this year.

For those who are interested in checking out the idea, I've put up a free Scratchpack for download which shows the basic design and contents. Check